Quora (美國知名問答網站)最近有人提問:關於中國,有哪 20 件事情是必須知道的呢?


從外國網友的回答中,小編挑選了 20 條回答,讓你看看普通的外國人對中國有什麼新的認識(有些把小編笑慘了…

● 人家中國人不是什麼都吃的好嗎?人家其實不(總是)吃蟲子、吃狗

7. Not all of them eat dogs. Actually very very few eat dogs.     


8. It is all nonsense that Chinese eat everything. In fact Chinese food is very healthy.    


3: People don’t eat bugs or insects here it’s just some parts of the china where the diets incorporate bugs. for rest of Chinese people it’s equally an unimaginable and/or disgusting food preference.   


● 沒有微信,你要怎麼在中國活下去呢?

1.WeChat is everything, basically functions as FB and Instagram    


2.Everyone uses Wechat. Nobody uses email outside work.    


3.People in China use WeChat like we use Instagram, but ten times more! Not even joking.    

中國人用微信就像我們用 Instagram,十倍頻繁那種,不開玩笑。

5.Get Wechat Now – You don’t exist without it    


6.WeChat is not an app, it is THE life.    

微信不是 APP,是全世界!

● 中國電子支付領先世界 100 年

14: Even street hawkers accept e-cash payments via Wechat or alipay    


17: You can simply shop anything online (ANYTHING).    


2.Online shopping is very common and convenient in China thanks to the developed express delivery industry.    


4.I don’t need to worry about carrying cash for grocery shopping or for even buying street food. Wechat and Alipay are literally everywhere.    


5. Almost all services that I need have an app.    

給我一個 APP,沒有我幹不成的事情。

●  中國熱心腸多

10: People is rural areas are very warm welcoming (not that city people are rude). They open heartedly invite and provide best guest experience one can wish for.


●  中國電動車非常多(可能是說電動單車那種)

11: Electric cars are big here    

12:There are a lot of electric scooters    


●  中國孩子近視眼,可以說是很嚴重了

3. A lot of… or you may say the majority of Chinese students are near-sighted more or less. I don’t know if it’s genetic difference or is just that Chinese students work too hard, or both.    


●  初吻..初吻在二十多歲!?

9. Many (I would say 50%, at least) Chinese youngsters still have their first kiss (not to mention first night) by 20s… Is that shocking? 

很多(大概 50%這麼多)的中國年輕人,「初吻」在二十多歲左右(更別說初夜了..)

●  這屆中國孩子口語不行

10.Chinese students started English learning at primary school, while they may have passable writing and reading ability, they do really bad at speaking.


●  大學生日常 LOL DotA(帶動在線外賣發展)

14. Typical daily routine of Chinese college students includes staying up playing LOL/DotA, sleeping on class and calling a take-out as meal… So you see, the take-out industry/online payments isn’t boomed for no reason. And that’s also one of the main reasons why ‘plebs’ like us can’t find a GF.

典型的中國大學生的日常就是,玩 LOL 和 DotA,上課睡覺,叫外賣,所以你看,這在線外賣和在線支付火起來不是沒道理的,這些宅男沒女朋友也是正常。


●  房價很高,20 年買一套

12. Housing price in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai are way beyond what an average Chinese family can afford, and are likely to keep rising in the coming decade. Let’s do a simple maths, housing price is currently about 40,000 yuan (5797USD based on current rate) per square metre in Shanghai, multiply that with 90 (which is just enough for a typical Chinese family consisting of three people), the result is 521,730 dollars/3.6 million yuan. Would literally cost one over 20 years just to pay for the residence.    

翻譯累了系列 X 1

●  腐敗仍然嚴重

13. Corruption is indeed serious in China, especially in inner provinces. Though I’d like to talk more about it, I find my English level not good enough to give a vivid description…    

翻譯累了系列 X 2

●  中國詞匯中,很多「子」…

We have a lot of zi here: Jiaozi (dumpling), Baozi (….), Er zi (son)    


●  在中國,不管多晚或者多早,你都有東西吃!

5.No matter how late/early it is, you can always find food and beer!    


●  司機太..太健談…

Almost all Chinese Taxi drivers will ask you about your nationality, job and whether you like Chinese girls.Better learn how to answer those in Mandarin and they will even compliment how awesome your language skills are.    


●  中國最牛逼的特效藥 -「多喝熱水」

One cure for all diseases – Drink Hot Water.    


●  中國人如何正確地搶著買單

If you are eating out with a Chinese friend, you’ll argue over paying the bill. Here’s what u should do – Tell your friend that you are going to ask for WiFi password.. Go to the counter – Pay with Alipay.    

如果你和中國朋友吃飯,你們可能會爭著去買單,你要怎麼做:告訴你朋友你去問 WiFi 密碼,然後去櫃台,用支付寶支付。

If there is an argument between two people at the same table in a restaurant, it is very likely that they are fighting over who will pay the bill (they both want to, as it is a gracious, hospitable gesture).    

如果在餐廳, 有兩個人在爭執,很有可能是在爭著去買單…(就是兩個人都想買單,很暖心的行為那種)

●  不要錯過 11.11

11.11 Taobao Shopping discounts. Don’t miss it.    

11.11 淘寶購物有折扣,不要錯過

●  老乾媽好吃

Lao Gan Me makes everything delicious.    


●  人家中國人不玩乒乓!

Not everyone plays ping-pong. Younger generation prefers basketball or football. It’s so hard for me to find a guy in my age group who like to play ping pong everyday    


●  中國人只喜歡談國際政治,不談國事

Most locals don’t like to discuss national politics but they will all have an opinion on international-politics.    


●  小學生學習認真,不出去玩

Kids rarely come out to play because they study hard    



●  國家安全,公共交通發達,令人震驚那種發達

It is very safe in China, especially big cities.    


It’s safer than most countries in Europe and America    


Even though there are lots of people, China is very safe, and graffiti is nonexistent. Crime is very low in most places.


Public transport is extremely cheap.

Public transport is also (usually) very clean.

Taxi, bus, and subway are the most common methods of transportation. Apps like Didi Chuxing make hitching a taxi easier.    

16: Trains management is amazing considering the population pressure.    


●  中國人開車猛,寶寶怕

Stop signs are rare.    


Driving in China is hard, and may be slightly intimidating.    


You need to be really good at driving to drive in China


●  方言多到你懷疑人生,何時何地何種場合你都可能聽不懂「中文」

There are so many dialects it is likely you may not understand anything at any given time in any given place.    

中國太多方言了,感覺我是此生 FOREVER 都聽不懂中文了。

●  千萬別吃四川的食物,我認真的。

Don’t eat Szechuan Food, they will be too fierce and brutal for your untrained expat stomach. You will have diarrhoea afterwards..


●  現在中國年輕人不隨地吐痰了

People may spit in public, but it is an accepted cultural habit, and doesn’t happen that often nowadays. Younger people almost never do it.


●  中國女孩美,但是不像卡戴珊那種那麼誇張

6. Chinese girls are beautiful, curvaceous but not so exaggerate as Kim Kardashian. That’s not attractive.


▲金 · 卡戴珊

Chinese girls are absolutely gorgeous.


●  中國女生物質

chinese girls are materialistic and would often ask for a lot. I know this isn’t news to most people but it is worth noting when talking about China, especially dating scene there    



71% of China measures success by the thin they own, making it the most materialistic country in the world    

71% 的中國人衡量財富的標準是他所擁有的,這樣中國變成一個最「物質」的國家。

4. Chinese people are generally practical. They are staunch materialist but I don’t have problem with that.    


●  貧富差距大

speaking of different scenes, people’s living conditions are also way different in big cities and villages. In big cities, especially for rich people, living is luxurious. they often own lots of luxurious cars, private jets and many luxurious jewelries. In good communities in big cities, it is often you can find a luxury car parked in the parking lot.

就是貧富差距大。(翻譯累了系列 X 3)

●  中國是世界第一出口商,中國也是世界第二出口商(大概就是說中國出口厲害吧)

China is the world largest exporter and the second largest exporter in the world

●  中國式最大的豬肉生產商,中國是最大的鞋類製造商,中國是最大的人造玩具和聖誕樹製造商…

China is the biggest producer of pork in the world.

China is biggest producer of shoes.

China is biggest producer of artificial toys and Xmas trees.